Somercycle offers a workout experience unlike anything else- challenging both athletes and beginners. We ride the beat, together, harder than the rest!  We thrive on feelings of positivity; never giving up and growing stronger each class.


THE CREW: Your instructors’ personality and creativity will be evident through each unique workout and a motivating playlist.  We feed off the energy in the room, and get lost in the workout.


THE WORKOUT:  You will sweat like never before and grow stronger with each class. 


BOOKING:  Click the Book a Class button on our webpage, book a bike on the signup page and pay online under the Contribute button at the drop-in rate, or pay in person when you check in.


Set your alarm - - a new week on the schedule goes live every Sunday at 9AM.


WAITLIST: The class you wanted to attend is full? No problem—add yourself to the waitlist by sending us a message.  We will message you if a spot opens up, you will have 15 minutes to reply and claim your spot!





Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You will be sweating buckets- drink at least one bottle of water in the 2-3 hours leading up to your ride. We have water bottles available for purchase in the studio.



Ensure you will maintain your power for the full ride by eating a snack before you ride.  We recommend fruit and a little bit of protein.



The right outfit will enhance your comfort and ability to stay cool- keep it light on top with a tank top and a slim pant.





Doors open about 15 minutes before class, you will want to get there then to change, grab a water and get set up. 



Always check in with the instructor.

First time riders will fill out a waiver and go through set up with the instructor.



TIEM slipstream shoes are the recommended shoes- clip in for safety, a more efficient pedal stroke, and maximum power. Our studio carries a limited stock for purchase. If you are wearing your own shoes, make sure you bring a clean, dry pair to change into once you are in the studio.

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